Don’t Buy PC’s & Laptops at Discount Retailers in 2014

A Disturbing Trend with Discount Retailers is to Focus Solely on Price in Their laptop PC and Tablet Offerings, Leads Us to Recommend Avoid Discount Retailers for Technology.

We at Gulf2Bay are always shopping technology, if nothing else just to keep our vendors honest but also to make sure were competitive.  That said there was always the “great deal” we just could not compete with at big discount retailers like WalMart or Target.  Now we expect most of their offerings to be be in what we would consider the “discount range” but recent we have notice these providers are replacing their mid range offerings with more underpowered “low-cost” options.   The problem with technology is when you buy the bottom tier, you are essentially buying last years speed and specs that will be obsolete next year and often under-perform right out of the box.

In the retail sphere of PCs Laptops and Tablets there is typically a floor (or a basement) depending how you look at it.  Last year we thought we would soon see the end of single core processors in Laptops and Desktops, knowing that the emerging Tablet market would only offer multi-core processors on its mid to high end models for a time.   What has happened surprised us.  We are seeing more and more retailers of low-cost, underpowered laptops and desktops in lieu of real choice and the single core and and dual core products are dominating their shelves while the four, six and eight core products that really perform just are not there.

A recent anecdotal sampling of WalMart & Targets in the bay area demonstrates this perfectly…